Thanks to many years of cooperation with producers from Poland and abroad, Prewenta has a rich and diverse product offer, from workwear, gloves and footwear to a wide range of products in the field of personal protection.

Out of concern for the safety of our customers, we provide only high-quality products, constantly expand the offer of certified personal protective equipment, and introduce new, innovative solutions and technologies to the market.

Hand protection

Ansell’s number one priority is security. But the company is about more than just security – the products and services they offer are trusted around the world and help companies and employees achieve better results.

Prewenta is effectively developing its own brand of gloves – Gloper. There are already several dozen models of gloves on sale, including anti-cut gloves, coated with polyurethane, nitrile, latex, leather assembly and welding gloves. A wide range of high-quality products at a competitive price will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Since the production of the first flocked glove in 1957, Mapa Professionnel has followed the same motto – protecting the health of workers using gloves and ensuring a safe and clean work environment. The company’s mission is to be a leader on the market of high-quality protective gloves thanks to the innovation and technical advancement of the offered products, the effectiveness of distribution and understanding the needs of users.

For over 30 years, Guide’s mission has been to protect and improve the comfort and performance of employees’ hands. Being the fastest, most sustainable and innovative producer of high-quality safety gloves for many industries, it strives and focuses on making people at work safer and healthier.

Lebon is a French-Indian company that produces gloves, sleeves and welding accessories. Thanks to excellent knowledge and experience, the Lebon Group, with 3 production plants and a research laboratory, offers solutions with excellent value for money and performance. Since its inception, the main goal of the company has been to protect operators against accidents at work. Based on innovation, the company offers high-quality products tailored to the needs of the market.

More than 35 years of experience in work wear and occupational safety combined with an excellent infrastructure for your reliable supply – That’s what BIG PPE stands for.

BIG designs, develops and produces with the highest quality standards for its products and customers. With innovative materials and out of the box ideas, BIG creates functional and modern work wear from head to toe, while always keeping its promises for your safety:

  • Optimal purchase conditions
  • Consistent high quality
  • Outstanding standards in communication, reliability and infrastructure

Foot protection

The PPO PP company is a Polish manufacturer of occupational and safety footwear, operating since 1953. The brand is constantly gaining experience and perfect technologies to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The signet accompanying the PPO logo symbolizes comprehensive protection from above and below, and the four-pointed star are the main pillars on which the brand relies when shaping its offer – safety, quality, comfort and trust. As the undisputed market leader, it has a wide range of models to optimally match footwear to the prevailing working conditions.

Italian design, improved logistics and the constant preservation of outstanding results are the hallmarks of FTG. Over 50 years of experience and introduction to the market of innovations have made FTG a modern company, capable of producing a wide range of footwear that satisfy all customers’ needs.

The ATLAS® footwear factory in Dortmund is one of the leading manufacturers of safety footwear in Europe. This very modern production plant produces annually about 2.2 million pairs of high-tech safety shoes. Achieving such a result is possible thanks to the dedicated work of over 250 employees. As a footwear specialist with many years of experience, Atlas produces safety footwear tailored to the needs of individual industries. All Atlas shoes are of very high quality and are carefully adapted to the needs of customers.

Respiratory protection

3M Poland Sp. z o.o. is a branch of the international concern 3M, which in 2016 celebrated its 25th anniversary on the Polish market. During this time, the company has invested over USD 500 million in our country. 3M currently has 4 production centers in Poland: in Janinów near Grodzisk Mazowiecki in Rabka and two in Wrocław. 3M employs over 3,000 employees in Poland and offers approximately 10,000 products within 4 business groups: Safety and Industry, Transport and Electronics, Healthcare and Consumer Products. The company’s headquarters is located in Kajetany near Warsaw. Since 2013, a modern 3M Innovation Center is operating in Wrocław, a space where the company presents new technologies and solutions. In 2016, also in Wrocław, the concern launched the 3M Shared Services Center for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. One year later, in September, the 3M Training Center was opened in Wrocław.

Company vision:

  • 3M Technologies mean the development of each company
  • 3M products mean greater comfort in every home
  • 3M innovations mean a higher standard of living for everyone

Secura is a Polish producer of a wide range of personal protective equipment: ARIA disposable half masks; SECURA 2000, SECURA 3000 and SECURA 3100 reusable half masks with a full set of filters, absorbers and combined filters, also available in ready-to-use sets (2000 LAK, 2000 CHEM, 2000 DUST, 3000 LAK, 3000 ADR, 3100 LAK, 3100 CHEM, 3100) DUST); full face mask SECURA 6100; ELSEC – electrical insulating gloves; SECOL and SECOSAN – hand gel and cream.

In Europe, JSP is a leading independent producer of personal protective equipment in the so-called above the neck and a recognized leader in head protection in the industry. JSP’s mission is to improve the quality and implement innovations in the field of personal protection products in order to support the issues of occupational health and safety in the international scope.

Oxyline Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in the production of high-quality filter half-masks used for respiratory protection. Oxyline products are manufactured in all filtration classes: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3. Using the highest quality filtration nonwovens and Polish technological thought, the first semi-automatic lines for the production of the assortment were created, with unique solutions such as absorbent comfort sealing, low-resistance exhaust valve, half-open, simple system for adjusting the length of the headband.
A wide range of products allows for selection to various working conditions, ensuring the comfort of employees and their effective protection.

Eye protection

Infield Safety is a manufacturer of high-quality protective eyewear and products for personal hearing protection, tailored to the specific requirements. Since its inception in the 1990s, Infield Safety has specialized in all vision problems in the workplace and is firmly established in the personal protective equipment market. Infield Safety has achieved a leading position in the German market in particular when it comes to the supply of safety glasses for wearers of prescription glasses.

Comfort of work

Today, Coba Europe is one of the largest, most experienced and recognized producers of industrial mats and anti-slip products. Its offer includes a very wide assortment ranging from ergonomic mats and products protecting floors in workplaces, through cleaning mats, and ending with safety knives.

Honeywell products help build a lasting safety culture by minimizing injuries and maintaining a safer workplace. Today, Honeywell offers the widest selection of industry-leading security solutions. 50 years of experience and expertise in regulatory compliance, hazard identification, safety management, and the selection and application of personal protective equipment, combined with a deep organizational commitment, unequivocally positions Honeywell as a company that provides a safety culture.

Skin protection and care

The SC Johnson Professional ™ skin care program, based on the acclaimed Deb and STOKO® skin care range, provides solutions for any environment. SC Johnson Professional ™ is the most comprehensive line of high-quality products for the entire spectrum of care needs, spanning industrial, commercial, food and healthcare environments.


Smarth Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company that produces paper towels and professional, non-woven industrial cleaning cloths. Smarth owes its rapid development to innovative products that are intended to combine the highest quality, utility and cost effectiveness. All Smarth products are made of the highest quality raw materials, which, combined with modern processing technologies, allows Smarth to provide a full product warranty. Smarth products have no beam length tolerance and are subject to strict quality control of all physical parameters.

Head protection

ENHA develops high-quality head protection products, with the customer at the heart of everything they do. Company has a strong heritage, stretching back over 30 years of German engineering. ENHA’s head protection products are made with incorporation of patented, award winning technology, providing superior performance and safety for the wearer. ENHA has been part of the Globus Group since 2017. Globus Group is one of the world’s fastest growing manufacturers and providers of worker safety solutions across Hand Protection, Safety Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Chemical Resistant Clothing and Respiratory Protection. In addition to the ENHA brand, Globus Group offers innovative and high-quality solutions through their trusted brands such as ALPHA SOLWAY® and RILEY®. ENHA brand portfolio is renowned throughout the industry and they pride themselves in bringing customers cutting edge, innovative products underpinned by quality and value, always with the wearer as first priority.

Protective clothing

Texet has been operating in the promotional industry in Poland for over 20 years. Since 2007, the company belongs to the Swedish concern New Wave Group. Their main field is advertising and business clothing for companies. Texet promotional clothing brands include James Harvest Sportswear, Printer Essentials, Printer Red and D.A.D.
In addition, Texet’s portfolio also includes business shirts (J. Harvest & Frost), workwear (Projob), promotional gifts (Sagaform, DJ) and Derby of Sweden bags and accessories.