To meet the expectations of customers, Prewenta provides a wide range of services. We are helpful not only in building lasting relationships with the client, but also greatly improving the activities of health, safety and procurement departments.

A wide range of labor protection products

Our offer includes workwear, gloves, shoes and a wide range of personal protection products. Prewenta is at the forefront of companies in the field of personal protective equipment in Poland. We are constantly developing, monitoring the trends which are defining the directions of changes that are creating a certain picture of the future. A wide range of products and services, professionalism and reliability translate into the trust of both a large group of regular and new customers, whose satisfaction is one of the main goals of the company’s activity.

High quality of services and products

Thanks to many years of cooperation with producers from Poland and abroad, we have a rich and diverse offer. Out of concern for the safety of our customers, we provide only high-quality products, constantly expand the offer of certified personal protective equipment, and introduce new, innovative solutions and technologies to the market.

Selection of personal protective equipment

Our qualified staff, thanks to a personalized approach to clients, provides specialist advice, in-depth analysis and understanding of their problems, and guarantees a unique offer tailored to individual needs and expectations.

Consignment warehouses

Prewenta specializes in consignment services. Consignment warehouse is a modern approach to the warehousing process. Its goal is to ensure that the stocks of raw materials and packaging do not burden the financial results of recipients. At the request of our clients, we organize and run warehouse activities in any part of the country.

The advantages of consignment warehouses are:

  • availability of selected products in stock 24/7
  • reduction of goods storage costs
  • no delays in deliveries
  • maintaining a constant stock of products
  • warehouse configuration in line with the customer’s needs

PPE machines

Vending machines enjoy growing popularity on the European and global market. The devices that we provide to our clients ensure automatic distribution of health and safety products among employees, help generate savings and control the issuance of a wide range of products.

Features of vending machines:

  • 24/7 availability of products
  • dispensing and receiving products
  • total control of the products
  • the ability of personalizing the software

Benefits for your company:

  • time saving
  • reduction of stocks
  • reduction of product release costs
  • thorough monitoring of product distribution
  • reduction of product consumption thanks to full control

Own brand of gloves

Prewenta is effectively developing its own brand of gloves – Gloper. There are already several dozen models of gloves on sale, including anti-cut gloves, coated with polyurethane, nitrile, latex, leather and welding gloves. A wide range of high-quality products at a competitive price will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.